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 2020- 2021

I created LUZEPH to reinvent my self after four years of absence from the business and for my  desire to change my declining RE returns  and fire very single of my ""financial advisors""



                      I would like to share with our NETWORK, with our followers and                          with the people that have known me for over 30 years, that have                          been my supporters since I remember,  such as whenever I was a                        teenager selling CARICO door to door with my father while I was                          in high school, or during my senior year selling cars in ESSERMAN                        ACURA, or whenever I became the youngest sales manager in the                        Freight Forwarding industry  while I was working in WESSCO INTERNATIONAL, or whenever my mother was killed in that  horrific car accident in 2001 that changed my life completely, or whenever we received a hefty settlement  of her passing from Ford & Firestone because of the way she died, or in 2001 whenever I became a millionaire because of that settlement and I bought many properties in Miami thanks to those of you that inspired me to enter to the Real Estate business , or in 2009 whenever I lost $12M in the RE crisis and I became poor, or whenever I opened up Green Clean Restoration and I started cleaning offices and houses to make a living again, or whenever many of the challenges of  2012, or in 2013 whenever I went back to my roots in Colombia just to become an eagle and FLY  again, or whenever I started catering to foreign nationals with LUZEPH INVESTMENTS GROUP LLC, or whenever we made it again despite all the odds, or whenever in 2013 we started doing NETWORKING events like in 2000 that I was connecting everyone with everyone, or whenever in 2017 they supported our business partnership in the jewelry and watches Business s, for those of you that don't allow me to pay for my lunches and my dinners and that since day one have been my supporters, my real 5 friends and confidants that lended me money in 2009 when I couldn't afford not even a $1 burger, the ones that have supported me UNCONDITIONALLY the same ones that have asked me to write these lines. 

There's a very sensitive issue ( which still under investigation by the respective government authorities ) an issue that surrounds our last business partnership             with a subject which is a THIEF and a despicable person in every way, that betrayed our trust, and we caught stealing from me on March, 7 ,2020

For the last sixteen months I have been a victim of identity theft in the form of GOV IDS, personal Internet domains, personal goods as of today mounting over $500k in a very organized and planned attempt to destroy this business LUZEPH INVESTMENTS GROUP LLC that was built from the ground up and most important to damage my public figure image and  good character only with the attempt to compromise  everything we have achieved in the 25 years  plus we have been part of South Florida Business community, since I was 14 years old working for my father selling water filters and cookware in CARICO. 

This thief and her GANG of thieves, violated my trust and committed many criminal and dispicable acts as part of well organized plan by their crime organization, which consist of many individuals,  by 2014  with the help of our formal counsel and exgirlfriend they tried to infiltrate our close circle but after a year and a gut feeling from my part we were able to frustrate their attempts, but we put our guard down THINKING that we were not a target anymore of those attempts and like a IDIOT I gave them access ( without knowing ) to my business and personal life in 2017,  two of those individuals obtained access to our network and net-worth, is totally MY FAULT only because we entered into a business partnership with one of them thinking she was such a good woman and vey naive from my part.  

in 2017 once they gained access to our net-wort,  their mission was to set us up and create many cases against us with the Federal GOV and this expanded to stolen goods, identity theft, domestic and international fraud, I always had a bad felling and because of my extensive knowledge of international law and many questions I brought to the attention  of my family members and friends  which are very active in law enforcement , the answers to my questions were  PLEASE USE CAUTION don't get involved on that or no don't meet there  or why they want this etc etc etc there were several attempts to get us involved in deals that were not fitting to our legal business trade.

by 2018 this subject received a letter from the FBI where she was part of an investigation for a international theft mounting over $10M this subject was my business partner therefore I believed she was not part of it I defended her back then but now that's not the case  ( this case still a pending FBI investigation against her ) 
We were able to avoid certain dealings that always had the concept of me buying stolen goods or selling stolen goods or laundering money of gold ETC ETC 
this never set well with this woman and her GANG of international criminals led by a convicted felon, a 
Venezuelan national and professional criminal that was deported back to his country on 2006 for many convictions from many felonies including dealing with stolen goods, he is currently working in the same trade in Colombia and many people also are after him and he steal being a CONMAN.

On March 2020  ( during the COVID pandemic ) they successfully  stole many of my investment collateral in such partnership ( jewelry and gold ) and after I confronted this woman they also stole my personal items including my, IDS, Passports, Bank Statements, DIGITAL Ewallet and our personal  and realtor business domains which are  www.theconnector.comdon't visit these domains or websites as they have pinishing malware ) and many more these domains TODAY have websites slandering my name, and  that today they keep hostage for the ridiculous ransom  amount of $1million dollars ( stupid - retarded CRAZY ) they got away with a domain hijacking and malicious transfer.

of course
 the timing couldn't be better because right after we encored their evil plans against me, we hired attorneys and reported the theft and Assault to the GOV
 ( to show a motive ) these websites were created for those domains 
( SLANDERING ME AND MY BUSINESS ) we learned about this with my attorneys because that subject was so STUPID that she ADVERTISED such websites on her social media with the help of her criminal accomplices, her family and  my former aquientences / vendors /lawyers that USED ME, asked me for business and for loans that they never paid back since 2014.

They are so STUPID because they have left so many digital footprints and a such a juicy timeframe  of their criminal motive with their """exposed""" domains and websites that BELONG TO ME , that Is just a matter of time until they all get caught have their licenses revoked, go to jail, pay me a restitutions mounting to several MILLIONS and one of them get deported  back to his country and I WILL BE THERE with every single NEWS CHANNEL in this city whenever all of  this happens. 
They have  posted so much crap  about ME in a very silly attempt to slander my name and my business that just to use the own words of the GOV this will backfire at them BIGTIME because this is making you look extremely interesting on all aspects including if you were a RAT like they say you are your life is at risk and anything ting that happens to you is on them.  
In many instances what they have posted in their WORLD it makes look good all over the board and more powerful that what I really am, for example they claim 
( on domains just mentioned ) that Im a PROFESSIONAL criminal and a conman  
( btw not one of my goals in life  but IF I WAS A CRIMINAL at least I wouldn't so stupid to leave criminal """records""" online  )
They use 10 criminal records from their indirect and faithful accomplice from all the 150 random Efraim Murillo in the entire USA , for example they show a felony that was supposedly I commit as an adult in 1995
when I was nine years old   ) or that I owned a house in MIAMI for $150k and I lost it  in 1991 ( when I was 4 years old   ) or the best one of all that I'm a SNITCH  a RAT with super POWERS to tell POLICE to have anyone arrested,
( I wish this was the case to have everyone that owes me money since 2001 arrested and for that website to be down since the day they created it  )  pure lies they also say I have a bunch of fake websites well this website is very real and it has cost me over $10k so far the online fake websites are the ones they have created.

These clowns have wrote so many negative things about me that that IS CLEAR VERY freaking CLEAR  THAT  THEY WANT TO BE ME PERIOD !!!! at this point I wish all of them claims were true mainly the part where I AM a CRIMINAL  to really fix this BS like criminals do and START hunting them like RATS (  as my REAL CRIMINALS FRIENDS put it, they will do it for free, which that can always be an option as if I don't see any JUSTICE by the law I will make sure justice come knocking their door very soon  ) 

For now we still have faith in DIVINE JUSTICE that has defined me since I was child and also faith in the US lady justice  and we believe we will see each of these REAL RATS and criminals face the heavy scale of lady justice soon or later .

Like I have expressed on my social media outlets,  Thank you all that have supported me since the day 1 whenever I posted what happened on my FB my true friends an family have been a great support for me. 
Ephraim M

If anyone reading this can help me and the authorities to link a bit faster every single of these people ( including if you are part of this gang of criminals ) please contact me, I will pay $25.000 reward on crypto if we can get the every single of these remaining axxholes to justice and $75k if they are all convicted. 

THINK ABOUT IT!!! you know where to find me is better like that before I find you as I will not rest until I see you all in a jail cell I will own until the end of times.

UPDATE DECEMBER 25/2020 and we are very happy to announce that just a few days ago on Dec 23 @435pm Miami Police arrested one of the ""master""
stupid minds ) THE criminal that stalked me on 2017 until I said yes to enter into business with her, THIS WOMAN  was arrested and charged with a felony and more charges are coming her way,  

We still waiting to on 
the other local accomplices but the law and this sort of investigations are very slow and they require time., we hope to have another update soon and if anyone wants to help me on this please feel welcome to report those websites.  Ephraim Murillo Jr.
Ephraim Murillo Jr
Ephraim Murillo Jr
Ephraim Murillo Jr
Ephraim Murillo Jr
2013- 2017




Ephraim Murillo Jr
ephraim murillo
Ephraim Murillo Jr
Ephraim Murillo Jr
Ephraim Murillo Jr
Ephraim Murillo Jr
ephraim murillo
Ephraim Murillo Jr
Ephraim Murillo Jr
Ephraim Murillo Jr
Ephraim Murillo Jr
Ephraim Murillo Jr
Ephraim Murillo Jr



Ephraim Murillo Jr







Only a real loser would spend so much of their time making up stories of fiction to make himself look good when everyone knows that Ephraim Murillo Jr or Efrain Murillo is nothing more than a socialite pretender, a fraud a scum, a low life snake oil conman that preys on unsuspecting victims.

Ephraim Murillo moves around like an arrogant rat pretending to be a lion on social media, fake web sites and make believe companies, used to perpetrate himself as a real estate investor with power to make YOU richer but he's nothing more than a delusional person whom believes his own lies.

Please note he is NOT whom he pretends to be and his sole intention is always to scam YOU!




This guy is a big talker, but he's nothing more than a real loser and a felon with multiple criminal records in several states for domestic battery and others, a coward who hits on women and steals from them.

If things don't go his way, he will attempt at any cost to destroy their character by lying and using inflamatory rhetoric even go as far as use his corrupt police connections to aid him destroy anyone on his path.

He served a year sentence and he's had to change his name to Eprahim Murillo Jr. instead of the Colombian Efrain E Murillo so no one would suspect.

Read about him and his companies before you do business with this guy. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Real Estate Investor - He's not! The only Real Estate he's ever owned was a co-signed $160k property he was never able to pay on his own and ended up losing it to the bank under foreclosure.

  • A Jeweler, Watch Expert - He's NOT, you'll be scammed.

  • A Global Businessman - He'll open up companies to scam people and later hide under corporate laws. He works out of an office that claims to be all of the above. The typical scammer setup. Today he's one thing, tomorrow another.

  • Opportunist - As a professional conman, he'll find the opportunity to scam you big and when he does, this greasy hair low life, will stage the crime to frame his victim as the unsuspecting criminal. That's his modus operandi.

  • Snitch (Rat) - It is widely supecteded that due to his criminal background, Ephraim Murillo Jr, has had to cooperate with the police to turn in other criminals, through this association he may have carte-blanche at usig the police officers in his favor whenever needed.

Here are free links below to his background history for anyone to access and do their due diligence. More to come...

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